A New Jersey family has every reason to be grateful this Thanksgiving as baby Sully finally makes it home, marking the end of an arduous journey filled with health challenges. Born after a difficult pregnancy and undergoing major heart surgery for a rare cardiac birth defect, little “Sully Bear” spent 158 days in the NICU at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia before being able to go home in September. The joy of having the “amazing” 7-month-old baby home is indescribable for mom Colleen Weimer, who faced the daunting possibility of preeclampsia during her pregnancy, similar to what she experienced with her 7-year-old daughter Quinn, born at 28 weeks. The discovery of a serious condition with Sully’s heart during a 20-week scan led to a diagnosis of transposition of the great arteries, necessitating open heart surgery shortly after birth. Despite the fears of premature birth complicating an already critical heart condition, Sully was born at 30 weeks, sharing her birthday with her mother, Colleen. Now home, Sully’s presence is a testament to resilience, medical marvel, and the unyielding hope of a family finally together under one roof.


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