In a groundbreaking medical procedure, a 45-year-old painter, who lost both arms in a tragic accident, underwent the world’s first successful arm transplant in Delhi. This pioneering surgery marks a significant milestone in the medical field, reflecting the advancements in technology and healthcare.

Previously, face transplants were considered ‘impossible,’ yet today, they have been successfully performed on numerous patients. One notable case is that of Dallas Wiens, who underwent a face transplant after his face was severely burned due to an electrical accident.

In this remarkable medical achievement, the painter, who lost both arms in a train accident in 2020, received arms through a life-changing organ donation. The donor, Meena Mehta, was a former administrative director at a leading school in South Delhi, whose organs transformed the lives of four individuals, including the painter. Alongside the arm transplant, her kidneys, liver, and corneas were also donated to save three other lives.

The complex surgery, which lasted over 12 hours, involved connecting all the arteries, muscles, tendons, and nerves between the donor’s hands and the recipient’s arms. The recipient is set to be discharged from Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in Delhi tomorrow, embarking on a new chapter with regained independence and the ability to paint once again. This medical breakthrough not only showcases the potential of organ donation to alter lives but also illustrates the incredible possibilities emerging in the realm of transplant surgery.


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