We know that giving birth to a baby is the hardest job in the world. Nowadays, many women do not neglect to apply make-up or have it applied during those difficult hours. We have compiled these women for you from BoredPanda. By the way, don’t just think of makeup, manicure-pedicure and even solarium are also included…

Alexis Jayda, who you see in this photo, wanted to pose for the cameras during her makeover while she was expecting a baby.

For centuries, giving birth was always hidden and women thought of it as something shameful. But in 2019, this situation is completely different, we see different photos of women who are about to give birth and have already given birth on social media.

  1. Dana Chavez, also an influencer, spent an hour making sure her blush looked good.

In a study, women were asked why they care so much about the way they look after giving birth.

31% of women said they wanted to look beautiful in photos, 26% said they did it for visitors, and 22% said they wanted to not look sick, tired or exhausted.

Another study shows that the majority of women spend almost 2 hours applying makeup before giving birth.

  1. Lee Ann Jarrel cares so much about her birth image that in 2018 she refused to give birth until her makeup was finished.

‘I went to the hospital at 7:30 and was in labor for 10 hours,’ she said in an interview with ABC News. Alaha said that she needed something to distract her during that time, and she thinks that makeup was the thing that helped her the most at that moment.

By the way, one of the reasons why Alaha’s makeup became famous is that it withstands labor pains…

The skin changes a lot during pregnancy and many spots and pimples can appear. Therefore, you will need more foundation. And since you will sweat a lot, you have to be careful that it doesn’t run.

Of course, not every woman dares to do it herself…


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