Everyone has their own fetish. We have no right to judge anyone’s fetish.

Set aside the common fetishes that come to mind; there’s the arousal by life-threatening dangers, known as Autassassinophilia. There’s also a fetish for vomiting, known as Emetophilia. It would take an hour to list all these fetishes.

But there’s one that we can’t skip telling you about.

Adult baby and diaper fetish.

People with this fetish don’t have an attraction to babies or children, let’s clarify that before any misunderstandings arise. They are not pedophiles; what they are attracted to are adults who use diapers and behave like babies. It doesn’t matter if they are male or female; this fetish works for both genders.

In fact, this condition has been studied psychiatrically, and research has been conducted on it.

There’s even a case study done in Turkey on this matter, the details of which can be accessed through this link. Suffice it to say, this is a known type of fetish in the literature, and it has two distinct branches.

The first involves adults who want to be treated like babies, even though they are capable of taking care of themselves in many aspects. They use pacifiers, wear diapers, and expect their partners to attend to them like babies. Eventually, this evolves into a sexual activity. These are called adult babies.

The other branch involves those who enjoy diapers.

These individuals do not dress up or act like babies themselves but derive pleasure from their partners engaging in such behavior. People with this fetish often have a tendency to act like babies for a significant portion of the day. While it’s difficult to generalize, there are adults who, after finishing their work, wear diapers and play with Legos.

According to a study, this fetish manifests around the age of 11 in males and 12 in females.

Afterward, when these individuals enter relationships, these behaviors begin to be tried out and can persist for long periods. Typically, the roots of the fetish involve baby diapers, wetting oneself, caretaking, and using baby items.

The boundaries are somewhat clear.

Men with the fetish tend to use diapers more frequently.

Playing with toys is more common among women.

It is believed that these behaviors stem from a search for a parental relationship. The desire for dominance and being under someone else’s control triggers it. Contrary to assumptions, individuals with this fetish do not necessarily come from troubled family backgrounds. People who grew up in happy families can also develop the adult baby and diaper fetish.

There is a mutual acceptance and understanding between those with this fetish and their partners in emotional relationships.

It would be wrong to think that individuals involved in such a fetish are falling into perversion. As long as it doesn’t fall within the domain of psychiatry, it’s not our place to judge. However, we’d like to discuss and hear your opinions on this matter. Shall we meet in the comments? Leave a comment on this article and write in English. Also, come up with a striking headline.


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