It hurt me to look at the photos. 😂

Sarah Schmid, 38, who has 8 children, gave birth to twins in the living room of her home without any medical assistance.

The woman living in France gave birth to all 8 of her children at home because she is one of the mothers who participated in the ‘free birth’ movement.

‘Free birth’ means that women don’t want to give birth to their children in a hospital or clinic, they want them to be born whenever and wherever they want.

Sarah gave birth to her twins in the living room of their home while her other children were playing around.

Despite being advised of all the risks, Sarah chose to give birth in this way, recording all of her labor moments to date and sharing them on her YouTube channel to inspire other women.

Sarah, who has six other children, Johanna, Jonathan, Emanuel, Elisabeth, Konstantin and Kiran, said:

“I was strangely fearless about my twins. The birth itself took 5 hours and my husband held our babies.”

“We had a photographer and a friend in the room. We told the children they could come and watch if they wanted. I wasn’t scared, I was prepared.”

“I want to educate women, I want them not to be scared. The media portrays childbirth as an emergency and an operation where doctors have to save the baby from the womb. I show that childbirth can be quite fun.”

“I had no pain, in fact my twin babies were the easiest, they were born straight away because their heads were small.”

Sarah’s previous baby was born in the garden of their home and her video of it has been viewed 1.5 million times.


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