In an unforgettable moment at the 96th Academy Awards, Emma Stone captured the audience’s heart not only with her outstanding performance in “Poor Things” but also with her grace under pressure. Awarded the Best Actress Oscar, Stone encountered an unforeseen challenge as her elegant white gown tore while she made her way to the stage. Amidst the spotlight, she faced this wardrobe malfunction with poise and a touch of humor, requesting assistance from presenter Jessica Lange and playfully addressing the audience to overlook the mishap.

Despite the glitch, Stone’s acceptance speech was a powerful mixture of emotion and gratitude. Overwhelmed with tears, she thanked her colleagues and dedicated her award to her daughter, affirming the depth of her love with the words, “I love you bigger than the whole sky, my girl.” This incident showcased Stone’s professionalism and her ability to remain composed and heartfelt, turning a potential embarrassment into a moment of vulnerability and strength. Her resilience and dedication to her craft shone brightly, as she once again proved why she is one of Hollywood’s most beloved and respected actresses.


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